2 minutes to transform your eyeliner

 2 minutes to transform your eyeliner

Step1: Anti-eye line smudge starts from the skin care session

Draw the eyeliner, the most fear is the makeup, this scorpion will not only meet the makeup rookie, even the make-up master is difficult to escape. In the past, we talked about putting makeup on the smudge, always emphasizing the need to work on the makeup and makeup. In fact, if you want to prevent makeup from being fundamentally removed, you must start from the skin care session. Do a good job of skin moisturizing work, can effectively control the skin oil, choose a refreshing eye skin care products, can also ease and improve the oil level around the eyes.

2 minutes to transform your eyeliner

Lancome/LANCOME Eye Serum

For the first time, Lancome combines the world's leading “Genetic Skin Care Technology” with the innovative “Multi-Dimensional Rotating Massage Beads” to launch the Lanc^ome Eyes Essence (GénifiqueYeuxLight-PearlTM), a small black bottle of eye muscle essence. Bringing eye care to breakthrough innovation, your eyes will be fully rejuvenated, and your eyes will be bigger, clearer and younger.

2 minutes to transform your eyeliner

Estee Lauder / ESTELELAUDER Clear Eye Cream

Innovative wave-shaped cool and soothing crystal porcelain massage head, can instantly calm and massage the eye skin, eliminate eye edema and fatigue marks, and make the eye brilliance reappear. The original triple optical technology can instantly dilute the dark circles, and the eyes are brighter and more youthful. This product contains Estée Lauder's exclusive high concentration dark circles desalination complex, which is used consistently to help dilute and prevent dark circles and eye puffiness. This product is suitable for women of all skin types.

Steps2: The rookie draws the eyeliner from the end of the eye

In everyone's conventional thinking, the eyeliner should be drawn from the eye to the end of the eye. If you are a master of makeup, then of course you can do this, but for entry-level girls, it is recommended that you start with the last eyelash at the end of the eye and outline it.

We all know that when I started writing, because the product is very rich in intake, it is always easy to color. If the strength is slightly larger, it is easy to draw thick lines, so for beginners, it is better to do the opposite. Draw from the end of the eye, so even if the line is slightly thicker, it is just right.

Step3: Where does the end of the long eyeliner end?

Knowing where the eyeliner starts, so where does the end of the eye end?

For beginners, it may be difficult to draw the eyeliner in one stroke, so we can find the end of the end of the eye before drawing the eyeliner, and use the eyeliner to point a point as a marker so that we can easily know this. At the end of the eyeliner, in the process of painting, I also know where the next stroke should go.

TIPS: When you want to prevent hand shake when you draw eyeliner, the most important thing is to find a fixed point of focus for your arms and hands, so that the eyeliner can be smooth. >>>   Share tips for creating a pink lady makeup

2 minutes to transform your eyeliner

MAKEUPFOREVER Waterproof Bright Eyeliner #13墨黑

MAKEUPFOREVER waterproof eyeliner, this is an extremely fine liquid eyeliner. It is durable and waterproof, can not be smudged for a long time, has high color saturation and colorful colors. From the grip to the brush head, each detail is designed to provide the most comfortable and perfect use, and the user can easily draw delicate lines.

In fact, painting the eyeliner is a process that makes perfect. I believe that with this method, it is very easy to change the eyeliner.

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