How to prevent the pain caused by running

After you have been involved in running for a while, you have to avoid the pain and discomfort caused by the injury. The pain caused by most running is due to excessive exercise, excessive training, inappropriate shoes, or biomechanical defects in the structure and movement of ......Reading more

Vascular 3D printing detonates capital market capital g…

Yesterday, the A-shares closed in October, and the Blu-ray development, which was suspended for many days, despite the announcement of the termination of the major asset restructuring plan, was resumed after the resumption of trading. The reason for attracting investment institutions to increase t ......Reading more

3D printing vascular system is born: transplantable org…

Although there is a competition in the use of 3D printing technology to make portable organs in many biological laboratories around the world, most of them face the same obstacle: how to use the patient's own cells, or Add a polymer to form tiny, biocompatible blood vessels that ......Reading more

How about Greer Bathmaster? How about buying Gele Yuba

How about Greer Bathmaster? Would you like to buy Geler Yuba? Yuba is the preferred heating device for many families when bathing. Yuba has become an indispensable part of modern family life. When buying a Yuba, many people will be at a loss and do not know which one is better. Of course, m ......Reading more

the truth! How is the 500 yuan leather sofa made?

Double eleven is approaching, online shopping has become the theme of people's lives. Did friends find that there are many cheap sofas on the Internet? the truth! ! ! 1. The difference in material usage is large Insider: "As a professional software furniture business, I ......Reading more

Sodium palmitate experimental technique

[Study method of sodium palmitate] CAS No.: 523-21-7 C6Na2O6=214.04 Grade: AR sensitivity test: qualified water dissolution test: qualified [sodium palmitate experimental technique] traits: purple or brown black crystal It is soluble in water and orange, slightly soluble in sodium bicarbonate soluti ......Reading more

How is the quality of the Martian integrated stove?

What about Martian integrated stoves? People nowadays pay great attention to the quality of life, for example, pay attention to the living environment, and when they cook, they will ensure a clean environment in the kitchen. Many families will install integrated stoves. Which brand is bette ......Reading more