Artificial wood knowledge

Artificial wood is a kind of natural precious tree wood which is made of rotary cutting (or sliced) veneer of plantation or common tree species, which is made by single board bleaching, dyeing, layering and gluing. A new wooden decorative material with texture, pattern and hue, ......Reading more

Fine wood for furniture

Rosewood, like the wood of red sandalwood, rosewood, pineapple, etc., as early as the Tang Dynasty, it is already a fine wood for furniture. In the Ming Dynasty, during the most prosperous period of the development of ancient Chinese furniture, the pear was widely used because ......Reading more

Let’s take a look at the novelty of creative home

Palm rack We have introduced a lot of creative racks, but we use a part of the human body as a source of inspiration for our home design. We are less involved. Harry Allen designed this hand-type rack to put a resin-made palm model into the wall. Artificially forming a storage space, although full ......Reading more

Formulation and use of wood bleach

In order to make the surface of the wood appear white, the following treatment can be used to achieve the purpose. First, the formula Formula 1: Sodium Carbonate 50g Water 1000g Bleaching Powder 50g Formula 2: oxalic acid 30 g water 1000 g ammonia water (25%) Formula 3: Ac ......Reading more

How to choose home office furniture

In today's information society, more and more people are already able to work from home. Choosing the right office furniture to meet the various needs of home office has become the most concerned issue. So, how do you choose home office furniture? Compact layout General ......Reading more