Different selection criteria for wardrobes at different…

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Every family has people of different ages. There are elderly parents who live with children. Their needs for wardrobes are different. Therefore, when choosing wardrobes, they need to be different from person to person. The choices have different criteria: ......Reading more

2 minutes to transform your eyeliner

  Step1: Anti-eye line smudge starts from the skin care session Draw the eyeliner, the most fear is the makeup, this scorpion will not only meet the makeup rookie, even the make-up master is difficult to escape. In the past, we talked about putting makeup on the smudge, always emphasizing the ne ......Reading more

8 systems for beauty salons

  1, product: in line with the beauty salon positioning Regardless of whether your beauty salon is positioned as a maintenance product or a functional product, it is aimed at high-end customers or customers, or cross-over or in combination. In short, the big standards for product selection are t ......Reading more

Five strokes to identify green furniture

Green furniture refers to those furniture that are based on the ecological industry and that are reasonably developed and made of natural materials to meet the specific needs of users, are beneficial to users' health, and have a high cultural heritage and scientific content. It ......Reading more

The artistic realm of mahogany furniture carving

The development of traditional Chinese furniture has a history of thousands of years. In this long history, the big waves of sand picking gold have left many masterpieces. As Chinese classical furniture has been favored by more and more people, Ming-style Qing style antique furniture has become ver ......Reading more

There is still a "blanking ball" in the imple…

At present, most brands are making product descriptions in accordance with national standards. This year, many furniture standards were revised and implemented. However, products that do not meet national standards are frequently exposed. Through interviews, our reporter found that because the sel ......Reading more

Control the effects of brush plate development and dot …

When printing a corrugated cardboard with a flexographic printing method, in order to eliminate the influence of the printing plate (washing development), it is necessary to adjust the printing pressure slightly higher, which inevitably results in the expansion of the dot. In general, the greater ......Reading more