Nikkei Li Cai Pu Qiao: A refreshing feeling

Nippon Lai Cai Electronics Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Pu Qiao [Reporter] We are interviewing Mr. Pu Qiao, the deputy general manager of Li Cai Wallpaper. Hello. [Puqiao] Hello. [Reporter] There are many new exhibitors at this exhibition today, and there are also many Chinese exhibitors, wh ......Reading more

Not afraid of severe cold and lack of water, highly eff…

For the dry autumn and winter seasons, the moisturizing work of eye care is becoming more and more important, and after the skin around the eyes is softly protected, the problem of aging can be solved, and the eye cream with remarkable moisturizing effect can make The eyes are no longer afraid of c ......Reading more

The three major problems in the analysis of furniture o…

Furniture is different from clothing, books, etc. It is closely related to the material, comfort and durability of the product. It is difficult to determine the manufacturing process and materials of the product without seeing the object in person. Online sales are mixed, because some merchants ste ......Reading more

Xu Boming, Furniture Research Institute: Building your …

Xu Boming, Dean of Shenzhen Furniture Research Institute [Reporter]: Many people say that this year's furniture market is very weak due to internal and external environmental impact. How do you think? [Xu Baiming]: I think the main reason is the impact of real estate. There are two levels. Fr ......Reading more

Furniture brand is the winning ace

Page 1: Furniture brand is the winning ace Page 2: Furniture brand is the winning ace â– 2011 furniture industry year-end summary articles For the merchants, from the exposure of the Da Vinci home fraud incident in July, the society's attention to furniture products has also increased as ......Reading more

Keep in mind the eight taboos of home feng shui arrange…

Home feng shui, the best way to tailor the shape according to the characteristics of the owner. In the home layout, you can't make some taboos in the wind and water, otherwise you will live uncomfortably and have an adverse effect on the owner. Keep in mind the eight taboos of home feng shui a ......Reading more

Old furniture "Amoy" method has flaws

Zheng He went to the Western Sea, not only brought back the glaze and spices, but also brought back a lot of valuable pears and rosewood wood. Some people are now hot-selling this kind of wood, but there are not many people who really know the goods. Besides, this kind of expensive wood is fried to ......Reading more