RF-3000A Instruction Manual

Shanghai Chubai provides you with RF-3000A contactless automatic sterilization hand cleaner features: 1, suitable for production personnel to quickly hand disinfection, easy to operate. 2. Improve the compliance of hand disinfection by production personnel and reduce the difficulty of management. 3. ......Reading more

Evergreen Jianhao explores the cloud commercialization

BAIDU_CLB_fillSlot("890672"); Today, printing lower wages, labor costs increase, the homogenization of serious competition, is threatening the survival and development of the entire printing industry, however, was able to Taiwan-ho in the same market environment for staff to achieve the ......Reading more

The furniture industry has changed and the eastern ente…

As one of the three major furniture exhibitions in China, the annual “Chengdu International Furniture Exhibition” has become a benchmark for measuring the development of China's furniture industry. At the just-concluded 15th Chengdu International Furniture Fair, more than 130,000 s ......Reading more

Technical specifications and processes for sports wood …

The development of professional sports wood floors can be divided into three different stages of development from the functions and performance of sports wood floors. That is, the sports flooring of the original stadium is only installed on the keel to make the ground form a ground, whether ......Reading more

Reinforced wooden door, new model, baked, environmental…

Commonly used four types of enhanced doors: 1. Reinforced molded door: Commonly used in the market, the molded door is made of 5mm thick melamine veneer by high-temperature hot pressing. The inside of the door is filled with finger joint wood and honeycomb material. Some manufacturers also pre ......Reading more

Moisture content in translucent powder

In general, cosmetic powders contain silicone oil and the silanol groups in it may interfere KF reaction. To inhibit this interference, using a special KF reagent for Ketone and aldehyde is effective. The volumetric KF tiration method was also tested but not recommended in this case Due to low solub ......Reading more