"Green plastic" unveiled in the North America…

Recently, Wilkin Biological Manufacturing Co. in the United States began producing polylactic acid (PLA) thermoforming packaging materials using corn as a raw material, and promoted this green plastic to the North American market. It is understood that such green plastic products using the “ ......Reading more

Print 05 Postpress Processing Equipment

Baum presents large format folding machine Baum will be exhibiting its latest large-format folding machine at this exhibition. It will have not only six fences but also a fixed folding unit. The six fence units can also be assembled with pre-cut attachments. In addition to being able to boot, its ......Reading more

A sticker with a window capable of printing on both sid…

A sticker with a window capable of printing on both sides, characterized in that it is a sheet-like coating formed by laminating a sheet-like sheet with another sheet back-to-back with an adhesive layer The above sheet may have a cut line which divides the sheet into unit parts. The size of the un ......Reading more

Two-face shrink sleeve

Due to the two-sided printing on heat-shrinkable sleeve labels, this new printing process has created an illusion that a window appears on the product. Consumers can see the logo or pattern printed on the reverse side of the label through the package. This shrink sleeve is best suited for transpar ......Reading more

Photolithographic on-line waterborne coating problem so…

At present, many domestic printing manufacturers have adopted water-based varnishes. However, in the process of lithographic in-line water-based coating, many problems are often encountered. It is hoped that this article will help printers solve problems encountered in actual production and increa ......Reading more

The whole solution of printing failure - ink thickness …

Four common faults: The ink layer thickness is uneven It often appears in the larger ink coverage area. Possible causes Solution: The print head: Improper selection of the shape of the print head for a different shape of the print head. Corrosion gravure: Improper gravure material adopts gravu ......Reading more

Powder-free paper printing ink additive

Recently, Hangzhou Westlake Printing Industry Co., Ltd. successfully developed powder-free paper printing ink additives. This technology is based on ethylene modified resin, ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, aluminum stearate and other powder-free additives, replacing the new powder spraying proce ......Reading more