Perfume bottle design also needs civilians

Perfume is a must-have for every woman. Women are inherently sensitive to fragrance notes. This sensitivity is no less than the level of their picking men. Therefore, in the perfume industry, taste is the key to mastering perfume performance. We can find that there are many kinds of packaging on ......Reading more

GB 150-2011 Pressure Vessel Design Standard

GB 150-2011 pressure vessel design standards include: GB 150.1-2011 pressure vessel part 1: general requirements GB 150.2-2011 pressure vessel part 2: material GB 150.3-2011 pressure vessel part 3: design GB 150.4-2011 pressure vessel Part 4: The four parts of manufacturing, inspection and acceptanc ......Reading more

Critical procedures and notes for high and low temperat…

The harsh procedures of the high and low temperature test chamber mainly depend on the temperature level and duration of the test. The relevant standards should be selected from the following values: 1. Temperature: The high temperature of the high and low temperature test chambers are all at 150 ......Reading more

Chromatography Method Database (Merck) 2 (8)

Chromcircle 2004, Merck ’s Chromatography Application Encyclopedia, contains 3,500 HPLC application reports and 7,700 TLC application abstracts, all in English. A total of 14 sub-files, divided into 3 parts to upload, this is the second part, how to use: After all download and decompress, cli ......Reading more

Demand for high-end printing and packaging boxes to hel…

According to a new research report released by Freedonia, a market research company in the corrugated packaging industry in the United States, with the gradual recovery of the US economy and the continuous expansion of key markets, the market demand for corrugated packaging in the country will reach ......Reading more

Dryer characteristics

The future development of the dryer will be in-depth study of the drying mechanism and material drying characteristics, mastering the optimal operating conditions for different materials, developing and improving the dryer; in addition, large-scale, high-strength, high-economi ......Reading more