MARUHA fried rice box

Body color: Bright orange and orange notes are used to emphasize the sweet, sweet smell, taste, and texture of the food. At the same time, besides the color, circular and semicircular patterns and pictures are used on the packaging pattern to give the product a warm, soft and wet feeling. It conve ......Reading more

Humanized design carton package

This is a AIDS medicine carton pack called Trizivir. The carton adopts a humanized design and highlights convenience and practicability from many aspects. It is of great help to patients. The 60 tablets of medicament are contained in a push-pull polyethylene blister strip. The back of the blister ......Reading more

Demonstrate fruit preservation cartons with excellent p…

The fruit puree puree is packaged in a typical sales package, and the package is packaged so that the packaged puree cup has a strong display effect. This product not only protects the product but also has exquisite photos, patterns and texts. the goal of. The packaging uses 350g/m2 gray-white bo ......Reading more

Smartlase® 130 Laser Coder

Based on our proven laser coding technology, the Smartlase® 130 laser codec represents the next generation of smart coding technology. The CO2 laser source provides power, and the best match for safety and flexibility is also the most economical and efficient way of packaging code. Accurately c ......Reading more

Creative Graphics Performance (2)

3, flat graphic design and text in common. Mr. Keller, one of the representatives of the movement, said: "Fonts should be graphical elements. Font graphics are highly unified forms and content." The graphical character of the text has always been a creative material for designers. Chin ......Reading more

Manroland: full-format high-automation press ROLAND900x…

The ROLAND900 XXL has left a deep impression on the maximum print size of 1300l850mm, becoming a new choice worldwide. The device as the most automated large-size size structure model triggered a new round of competition in the market, it is what kind of market promotion? At the same time, what is ......Reading more

Common defects in printed products - flat screen printi…

(v) Rickets caused by washing 1. Filament (1) Morphology: The silk on the back of the silk is turned to the front, showing a light silk thread, mostly on the silk fabric. (2) Cause: 1 The fabric was scratched when it was washed on a flat-line washing machine. 2 The print paste has poor permeab ......Reading more